The Wonder Called Grapes

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Grapes are wonderful delicacies loved by all. They come in several colors and are packed with nutrition. Red grapes are usually chosen for the preparation of red wines. The consumption of moderate quantities of red wine has been found to be beneficial. The antioxidant called resveratrol present in the red wine has been found to counter the onset of heart disease by lowering the blood cholesterol. Antioxidants are compounds capable of protecting against the onslaught by the highly reactive free radicals generated during the aerobic metabolism which is   common in animals including human beings. Resveratrol is also known to protect against hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Resveratrol is also famous because of its ability to slow down the process of ageing. Nutritionists have always insisted that consumption of the whole grape fruit is better than taking grape juice or red wine. It turns out that they are right, after all. Actually, the skin of the red grapes contains a high concentration of resveratrol.

Studies with human volunteers have shown the nutritional importance of a component which is discarded routinely during the preparation of the red wine. This component is actually derived from the seeds and the skin of the red grapes. This component has been called grape antioxidant dietary fiber (GADF). GADF is basically fiber, but also possesses antioxidant properties. Experiments with nonsmoking adults have shown that GADF can bring about a reduction in the blood pressure by 5%. It also decreases the total blood cholesterol by about 14%. The LDL levels also decreased. LDL, of course, has the reputation of being the bad cholesterol. In those individuals who already had high blood cholesterol levels, the effect was even more pronounced. For example, the LDL levels in the blood decreased by 11.6%. The total blood cholesterol levels fell by 14.6%. These effects were not seen in the control subjects who were not given GADF.

Dietary fiber has always proved to be beneficial in protecting the heart. This is achieved by the lowering of both the blood total cholesterol and the LDL cholesterol. The effect of GADF was better than that produced by the dietary fiber. This superior action of GADF may be due to the combined action of antioxidants and fiber.


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