Digging For The Truth

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I always love documentaries especially those involving archaeological relics. I find them to be fascinating.  Among all documentaries, I find History Channel’s Digging for the truth to be one of the brilliant show.

Simple as it sounds, but tracing ancient artifacts and relics are no easy way. Perhaps that is the reason I am totally besotted to such documentaries. Every week, following the footsteps of Josh Bernstein (season 1-3) and Hunter Ellis( season 4) , we time travelled back to eons of years to visit and trying to figure out some of the most amazing relics built by our ancestors.

In Digging for the truth, the hosts will interview and revisit those archaeological sites that we are so familiar in pictures but have very little understanding of it. Those who were being interviewed are experts in their own field. They are real life archaeologists who spend their years studying the sites and carried our excavations. The credentials and their reputations are making the show to be worth watching.

For history lovers or someone aspires to be archaeologist, this is the show to provide a glance through the archaeology world. Some of the archaeological sites are never open to public such as the King‘s chamber in the first episode of season one and the ruin of Pompeii, also in season one. Those sites are under constructions and no cameras are granted inside but through this show, audiences managed to catch a glimpse of our imaginations.

Led and explained by professional archaeologists, the host delivered a rare insight of archaeology world that fascinates people of all ages. We are starting to understand and appreciate these wonders of the ancient world, the wisdom of ancient civilizations and trying to solve the biggest questions of all, “Why did they build it?”

Some of the facts are shrouded in mysteries that still baffling scholars even today. In archaeology, there is no adamant answer. Archaeologist can only detecting and reasoning based on the facts that lies. Nevertheless, there remains bit of puzzles that leads to another theory. Fact or fiction is in the thin line. What is the truth? Truth is based on the archaeological evidences that still unearthed and the hard work of studying by archaeologists.


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