Get The Attention of Consumers Via Dimensional Mailers

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Success of marketing campaigns is one of the difficult tasks. Several investors are worried for the success of their marketing and advertising campaigns. Postcard marketing can be the solution of their problems. Every business owner can easily afford this technique to boost their sales lead and website traffic. There are many concerns related to the postcard marketing that a business owner should know before start work on this marketing strategy. The first and foremost concern is the size of postcards – what size of postcards should be used in direct marketing campaign.

United States Postal Service has set rules and regulations for the minimum and maximum size requirement for the low postal rates of postcards.  Let’s have a look on the postcard’s size requirements.

Minimum size of postcard

For the direct mail marketing activities, marketers should measure postcard with at least 5 inch length and 3 ½ inch in height. The dimensions for the postcard should be at least 12.7 by 8.9 centimeters.

Maximum size of postcard

The regulations for the maximum size of postcards set by United States of Postal Service should be 6 inches long and 4 ¼ inches high. The dimensions for the postcard should be at least 15.2 by 10.8 centimeters in the metric system.

Postcard thickness: The United States Postal Service uses the mail sorting machine to speed up the process. This machine can handle a minimum thickness of 0.007 inch – 0.01778 and maximum thickness of 0.016 – 0.01778 centimeters.  If you want to select direct marketing planning for your marketing campaigns you should meet the USPS postcards requirements. If you don’t meet postal requirements, there is chance that your postcard may be get damaged by the sorting machine of postal service can make them unfit to deliver.

Postcard Reminders

To be successful in postcard marketing campaigns, a postcard marketer should follow postcard marketing tactics:

Rectangular postcards: Make a rectangular postcard it would be perfect. Other shapes such as round, square and other shapes don’t qualify for the low postal rates. However, if you have sufficient amount of money for your marketing campaign you can choose any shape. USPS can charge you high rate for each postcard.

Keep in mind, every country has different postal rules and regulations. Before you distribute your postcards to other countries, you should check polices and guidelines of other countries. This way, you can save your money instead of incurring huge fees with a foreign country.

You can get further assistance from a professional expert or USPS trained employees.


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