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A slipper sock is a basically a soft sock made up of leather, vinyl or wool sole which can be worn indoors. A slipper sock derives its merit from the fact that it is extremely comfortable for your feet and easy to wear. Unlike normal slippers, a slipper sock also completely covers your feet and protects it from dust. A tread is provided at the bottom of the slipper sock which protects you from slipping, and also protects your feet from small and sharp things that are lying around the house.

Apart from being lightweight and comfortable, slipper socks come in various designs, colors and materials. Woolen slipper socks can keep your feet warm and cozy during winters. A slipper sock has a great benefit of not restricting the movement of your feet. It allows all kinds of natural muscle movement and stretching, and refrains from being a burden on your foot, unlike other footwear. Also unlike socks, a slipper sock is not slippery and therefore is safe for kids and even senior citizens.

Since a slipper sock is only worn indoors, they increasingly find application in hospitals, where patients need comfortable, light and protective footwear. These slippers protect the elderly patients from experiencing cold feet during winters, which is caused due to circulation problems. Also slipper socks are indispensable for toddlers, who are not yet ready to wear shoes. There are a variety of slipper socks available for kids, and come in various sizes and designs. Also, there are smart slipper socks available that neither let your feet get too cold or too warm. For kids, soft wool slipper socks are the best that fit snugly over your little one’s feet. A slipper sock made of microfiber is extremely soft and ideal for your child. Acrylic slipper socks can be easily washed in the washing machine and can be easily dried. For men, there are some slipper socks available that can be used both indoor and outdoor, for example Acorn slipper socks.

Finally, a slipper sock is a very good Christmas gift for your loved one. And if you wish to give him or her more personal gift, you might even consider making your own slipper sock at home.


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