Baking Soda Face Wash

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Acne has been driving me nuts lately. It is all over my face for some odd reason. I never suffered from it when I was younger, but now in my mid 20’s I all of a sudden am. So, I decided to create my own acne fighting facial mask and I came up with a very nice honey baking soda facial mask for acne. This mask worked like a charm and is now drying out and healing my acne right up better than those chemical filled drugstore facial masks.

The only ingredients you are going to need to make this facial mask is 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 ¼ tablespoons of honey. Almost everyone has these basic ingredients in your kitchen. If not they are affordable and very easy to find in all grocery stores.

The best way to make the honey baking soda facial mask for acne was simply taking a very small glass bowl and placing the baking soda and honey into it. After I simple mixed the ingredients together until I got a creamy golden smooth textured mask. Very easy to make. You can store it in a small plastic container by the tub or sink in the bathroom for up to a week until you are ready too use it, but I think it is best too use it right away.

Now when you go to use the honey baking soda mask you do not need to dampen your face at all or washes it. All you do is take the creamy textured mask and massage it and layer it right onto the skin. It won’t feel too sticky at all and it is thick enough so it won’t drip off your face as you are using it. The mask will feel very soothing too the acne on your skin and will help clear it up by drying it out and nourishing your skin. Once the mask is on your face you will want to leave it on for as long as possible, but if you can’t 30 minutes would be excellent as well. After the time is up all you will need to do is rinse the facial mask off with warm water and pat your skin dry. You will want to do this facial mask up to 3 to 4 times a week to help treat and prevent acne breakouts.

Then once the facial mask is off you may notice your skin is a little bit red, but the redness will go away within a few minutes. After you will be able to tell the acne is starting too dry up, your skin will feel and look less oily, and you should have a nice glow too it. You will even notice your skin feels very soft and smooth to the touch, but I wouldn’t recommend you to keep touching your face because hands have germs on them and you do not want to place the germs on your face because sometimes that is what causes the acne in the first place.

I do hope those of you acne suffers out there can find some relief from your acne making and using this honey baking soda acne facial mask like I did. I wish you all the best with getting clear bright happy glowing skin again.


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