Thieves of Women's Clothings

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Thieves of women’s clothings

It is not correct to steal at all and stealing women’s under garments, could be an unpardonable crime at that ! Is it so easy to rob these stuffs or what, you may ask? Yes, it is not difficult at all. We in the South East Asian region, put our washed clothes right in the open under the Sun in the backyard for drying. One can easily slip into this part of the house and burgle one or two items.

Some women from a city in Malaysia have been complaining that their undergarments are vanishing mysteriously from the drying string. How come? So, they laid a trap to catch the fellow.

Monalie was the sentry for that day and she guarded the drying clothes carefully with a large stick in hand. The young thing cried out suddenly after a while, “It’s gone.” “It’s gone.”

The patrol leader charged out and demanded, “But, didn’t you see the thief, my girl?” “It is a real mystery, you know, sister? I would have turned my eyes in that direction just for a second or so and when my head returned, the u.w was gone during this short interlude. The annoyed leader became saracastic. “Don’t tell me, angels from Heaven dropped down to snatch these lingeries…..? “

Petite Monalie felt tickled at the notion that angels were fascinated with her under clothes ! While she was revelling at this thought, the leader shouted, “The thief must be a human being only. Be more watchful. OK? We must catch the thief….”

It was only on the third day that the young women were able to spot out the thief. What a find? It was not a man- thief nor a woman-thief. Imagine, it was a crow. Yes, a black feathered scavenger bird called ‘crow’.

Further investigation over the next four days brought to light that the high way next door was lined up with trees and hundreds of crows have taken shelter in them. Crows are excellent nest builders. Their raw material are always twigs and scorched tree branches etc.

Along the high way, a head crow called a conference of all other crows one day. “Look here fellas, we have to fly long distance to collect our construction material. Why not use small items of clothings the humans wear? The women-folk usually put them outside their homes to dry. All we have to do is to dive down and pick out one piece and climb up. All in a jiffy. Don’t take too long to upstick the dress pieces, understand? It must be at lightning speed. OK?”

With such excellent briefing, the young crows managed to bring home brassiers, under wears and handkerchiefs to shape their nests. The crow – thieves found their new homes more comfortable and cosy.

Lend your ears young ladies of Malaysia, it’s not so easy to catch a crow. They are too fast for you. So, why not find a more secure place to dry out your undergarments? Once the crows have a taste of your apparels, they would pass on the information to others in the rest of Malaysia and from thereon to other countries in the tropical zone. Gear up to protect your outfit.

Drying our wet clothes in the open is a normal practice in all homes. Westerners might find it strange. But then there it is. Now, you know why it is so easy for the poachers to pick away the undergarments from the string that holds them.


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