Postcard Marketing – Cost Effective Tool

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Are you looking for a cost effective marketing solution? Do you want to be visible in the eye of your customers? But short of budget doesn’t allow you that visibility. Let me tell you one cost effective way to market your business that really works. I am talking about postcard marketing. A cost effective solution of marketing, it’s a very affordable way to go.

One of the best advantages of this kind of marketing is that you can design postcards yourself. If you don’t have time to do yourself you can hire a professional for this task. You should print cards on 67# card stock to meet USPS conditions. You can make two or four cards 8 ½” x 11” sheet so use a paper cutter to separate them. You can get postage for each postcard for just 23 cents.

Ways to use postcards:


Send postcards to your best contacts periodically that ask for referrals on a regular basis. This way you can promote your business products and services to number of consumers.

Announce Events

Send postcards to your target audience to know about business events such as, seminar, sales, open houses, classes etc. Announcement of an event can encourage your customers to learn more about you.


You should send a series of postcard mailings to your target audience to soften them up. It would be a great way to send regular mailing to identify prospects before you contact them on the phone.

Generate website traffic

You should use postcard mailings to tell people about your website, store, products and services. When you make any significant additions to your business update your consumers as well.

Newsletter subscriber list

You can publicize your newsletter to a new audience through postcard mailings.

Make an offer with postcard

In order to get more positive response from your consumer you should offer them special discounts, rewards and contests.

Say Thanks

You can use postcards to say thanks for business, information, or referrals.

Obviously, you need a good in house mailing list for better results. Be sure, right people are receiving your mailings. You can get better response if postcard has any discount offer for your consumer. Do repeat the postcard marketing again and again. Single mailing can give you disappointing results at the end of the day. Average response rate from postcard marketing is the 1-3% but you can generate significant sales from this response rate.


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