Increase Your Business Sales With Postcards

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Advertising makes it easy for your consumers to buy your products and services. Marketing with postcards can increase your recipient’s response to your sales message. Postcard marketing can also increase the number of subscriptions to your newsletter. Postcards printed or distributed in magazines and publishers can increase response to your product and services. Reply cards can also work as wonder on a small scale.

You can choose multiple forms of postcard marketing such as newsletters, cards, announcements, all of them can give you amazing response rates. Postcard marketing is a cost effective strategy in making and distributing of postcards. Postcards attract consumers to read information than an unsolicited letter in envelop. They are more convenient to fill out and return than coupons, clip-outs.

You can integrate your postcards into following marketing plan:

  • Survey forms

  • Coupons

  • Order forms

  • Newsletters

  • Mini news announcement or release

  • Subscription of postcards for newsletter, periodicals and magazines

You can increase the effectiveness of your postcards marketing with following techniques:

  1. Prepaid return postage

  2. Pre-addressed envelop

  3. Bright color cards, experts recommend neon colors

  4. Postcards with photos/images or pre-printed cards can attract consumer’s attention

  5. Print check boxes so that a consumer can fill out quickly the order and surveys forms

  6. There should be plenty of room to fill in their personal information such as names, addresses

  7. Add incentives as free gifts and drawings to encourage recipients to return fill in cards

  8. You should include your contact information such as mailing address, phone number on your postcards

  9. Repeat special marketing information that is associated with marketing materials

You should also tell the recipient to what to do with postcards such as “Fill out the postcard and drop it in the mail”. It is obvious but, you should print this message on a postcard. It works.

Postcard marketing is the best choice for a number of business owners. Postcards are simple but highly cost effective when business owner want to communicate marketing message. Postcards should be highly exceptional instead of being simple. Simple cards may not attract many consumers. When they received them in their mailbox, they simply attracts consumer if they are designed well.

Be sure, more you know about your customers the more chance to get better results from your target audience. It is very essential thing in marketing. By knowing more about your target audience, you can make necessary changes according to your target market. This way, you can actually increase your business sales with postcard marketing.


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