Adele is Still Number One, is The End For Pop Music Near?

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I am surprised that Adele is still number one. Not because she lacks talent. Not because she does not know how to create a pop song. But it is because she is so good and her vocal talent is far beyond anything we are seeing from the likes of who would normally be at the top of charts. She doesn’t have the typical look associated with a top act. She isn’t skinny, she doesn’t exploit her sexuality and she doesn’t use controversy to sell her records. Another British invasion? Perhaps, but I always did enjoy their music more than what comes out in the States.

Adele has been in the game since at least 2006. She is just now starting to find success 5 years later. In the interim, Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Ke$ha have ruled the charts. Beyonce is still around (though arguably Beyonce is a strong vocalist in her own right). Now do not get me wrong, all of those artists are great performers, and I do love Rihanna’s vocals. I am a bit tired of pop music. By now I figured we would have been talking about Amy Winehouse’s 3rd record.

There are a lot of good singers out there who have what it takes but can never change the direction of pop music. A lot of good singers, entirely too many to count. None of them can seem to get beyond a hit album because they aren’t pop artists. Adele’s latest record, 19, has been on the charts for 23 weeks. Number one pop song, number one radio song, number one digital song. The R&B/Hip-hop and Dance/Club charts have not quite as kind at number 79 and number 28. But that is pretty good considering that Adele is not a Dance or Hip-Hop artist.

The record fell off of the charts after Christmas, when it was number 68. It came back on at number 97 at the end of January. Since then it climbed the charts, and has remained at number one since June. I would love to see the album dominate the charts for the rest of 2011, is that asking too much? 21 is an incredible album, and its great to see an album sell more than 2 million these days; proof that good music still sells.


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