Why Are The Black Candidates That Would Go Up Against Barack Obama Such a Joke?

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Barack Obama is the first Black president of the United States, but by now we should have some serious Black candidates that are willing to go up against him. Cynthia McKinney looks interesting; she ran on the Green Party in 2008 and is going to give it another shot in 2012. It would be interesting to have a Black Woman in the White House. I actually watched a video of her on Russia Today. On one hand, being featured on Russia Today, which seems to be dominated by conspiracy theorists sort of makes it difficult to take you seriously. It would appear as though we are still in the Cold War and the United States and Russia are still going at it. She was Democratic, you know that rite of passage for Black politicians, but has since joined up with the Green Party.

On the other hand, the fact that she is on Russia Today makes me feel that she is working from the outside and isn’t part of the problem, but part of the solution. Russia Today features a lot of politicians and economists that have an ax to grind with the military-industrial complex. But I don’t know about Herman Cain, his only claim to fame is that he was a successful businessman; I mean we might as well be voting for the Mayor of Detroit, Dave Bing. I do not want a businessman in the White House; the United States has its fiscal problems, but we need to do more than just balance our books and remove inefficiencies. All a businessman is going to do is cut everything from the budget and try to get us out of the red. Our problems are a lot more complex than that; look at what Mayor Bloomberg is doing to New York. A poor person has no business in the city anymore, then again, neither does a middle class person because they are no longer welcome. America cannot be ran in that way, a businessman would have to deal with the poor and couldn’t ship them off to the suburbs or rural areas. Problems would have to be solved, not just covered up.

Herman Cain comes across as someone that doesn’t know anything about politics, the issues, or what the American public needs. So far it would appear as though the only Black candidates making any noise are coming from Georgia, which is telling because Georgia did not initially support Barack Obama in the election. Things started to change at the midnight hour. Considering that there are two individuals from the state that want to go up against Obama is telling. To be honest I doubt that there are many African-Americans that want to go against Obama, though you may see some come out in 2012. No one wants to be accused of being a race traitor or an Uncle Tom. On the other hand, it was refreshing to see African-Americans put their two cents out there, unfortunately Michael Steele was just the man for the moment, and would never pose a serious threat to Barack Obama.

I would love to see two Black candidates go at it. We had the novelty of having a Black president, and that was fun, but it is time for Blacks to step up and claim what is rightfully their’s in these elections. It almost feels as though we are going backward instead of forward. If Barack Obama wants to expand the federal government and support big business then so be it. Someone else can come along and give Black Americans what they truly need …


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