Lebron James Took a Gamble And Failed! Cleveland 1, Lebron James Zero. Cleveland Will Continue to Hate; Sour Grapes Now Where Does He Take it From He

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I can’t say that LeBron James did not get what was coming to him. Perhaps he was too arrogant, perhaps he didn’t try hard enough. In any event it was a nice finals and what was meant to happen transpired. I truly thought that after the way that Chicago was clobbered they could take it all the way, but I am not surprised that it happened in the way that it did.

Call this The City of Cleveland 1, LeBron James 0

It is unfortunate; haters in the city of Cleveland are now vindicated, and LeBron James has to eat crow. All of those cocky, arrogant Nike commercials, all of the posing, all of the self-aggrandizement, and it has come to this. In the end was Dallas simply a better team? Could LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have pulled it off? Or was it all simply standing on the shoulders of LeBron; people wanted to see Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh win, LeBron James though, they were indifferent.

It is going to be a long, long, season for LeBron James. More hate from the residents of the city of Cleveland. More pressure to absolve himself of the lack of tact and discretion, and the poor sportsmanship that he exhibited by moving to Miami. At least if he had stayed in Cleveland he could have made more money than he did in Miami.

When you are as arrogant as LeBron James is you have to deliver the goods. He isn’t the best player that ever set foot on the court, far from it. He isn’t Michael Jordan, or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or any of the other great players in sports history. He is LeBron James; if you were to look at it from the point of his being a recording artist he is Lil’ Wayne before The Carter 3, unproven, untested, failed to meet Soundscan records, great on a mixtape, but we do not know if he can deliver a solid project. He reminds me of the anticipation that we had for Ashanti when her album first came out. He is so many people over time, who were supposed to bring it home, but ultimately failed to do so when the time arrived.

Perhaps this is a good thing for LeBron. Perhaps he will try harder, push harder, and captivate us all over again and sweep us off of our feet. Perhaps he will finally prove his point to Cleveland, whatever that is. Perhaps he will win a championship. For some, the day of reckoning is far, far away. For LeBron James it came quickly, but that just means that he can learn from this lesson sooner and become an even better athlete in his prime.


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