Knowing Your Skin Type is Very Important

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Natural cosmetics are gaining a lot out popularity in the cosmetics industry nowadays. Most women are turning their backs on synthetic cosmetics and prefer using natural ones. Someone advised me to use them as well. I did give it a try eventually, and guess what I found? My skin had a new glow on it and I looked the best I had in several years.

Looking at the amazing wonders natural cosmetics had done to my skin, I started to talk about it in front of my friends and colleagues. Obviously, they tried it out as well, as my skin was a live example for them on how natural cosmetics were so awesome! So, many of them tried them out and to my surprise, after a week they started complaining about those products. They had not worked on them and they started cribbing about it.

My confidence was a little broken, but I had to find out why this was happening. After quite a lot of research I came to a conclusion that the products my friends and colleagues were using, were actually not for their skin types. Don’t feel disheartened because you can easily know your skin type and by the best natural cosmetics that will work on you.

Best Products for the Two Basic Skin Types

  • Dry Skin: Do you know whether you have dry skin or not? If you don’t, then see if your skin is itchy or a little rough and flaky. If so, you have dry skin. Honey, avocado, olive oil, oatmeal and shea butter are a few ingredients that will make your skin softer in no time at all.
  • Oily Skin: People whose face looks oily as soon as they wake up obviously possess oily skin. Such skin requires cooling ingredients like mint, aloe vera, clay, purified water, cucumber and fruits. These can really do great deeds on oily skin and hair.

I am in a generous mood right now and I am going to share some more free beauty advice with you! Always remember, whenever you use a new product your skin may take a little time to get used to it. So don’t give up on anything if you don’t see any change within a couple of days. Give it some time and you will definitely get the look you wanted for years!


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