Cosmetics Application:your Role as a Parent is Very Important

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Women have been using cosmetics for a long time now, but recent focus has shifted back to the root of it all, natural cosmetics! Looking at the harmful future created by using synthetic cosmetics, everyone nowadays prefers natural ones.

Looking at mothers applying cosmetics, their children too want to use them. One question running through everyone’s mind is, “When do children use cosmetics anyway?” Well, ask me. I have a few friends whose kids want to try to use cosmetics at the age of six! Even if they don’t use makeup items, they do use products like shampoos, moisturizers and conditioners and so on. Ask yourself, are these really safe? You would rather want them to start using natural products right from the beginning.

As a parent you have to be very cautious about what your kids are doing or using. Most of the time, they are going to do what you do, obviously. I think that natural cosmetics are safe for kids and you, as a parent, can set an example by using them yourself. You really need to know what exactly I mean by ‘natural products.’ You can get some information from beauty guides, but let me share something with you as well.

Are Natural Products Really Natural?

During the last decade, a lot of consumer awareness groups have got into the details of how cosmetics are made, and they have exposed some facts that we would never be able to know on our own. They have published reports which state that the toxic levels are really high in most cosmetics, and the ingredients used in these products can be very harmful.

This has led to the closure of many companies and many others shifted to natural cosmetics. But are natural cosmetics safe? Well, all of them may not be, as there is no rule set by the cosmetics regulatory body for a product to be natural. Some companies just label their products to be natural, while they are not actually natural at all.

Yes they do indeed lie to fool people and sell their so called ‘natural’ products. So before you buy a product make sure you read all the ingredients. After all, it’s no longer just about you, but about your children as well!


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