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Braces are perhaps best acknowledged for their ability to straighten teeth, but it’s not their only use. Millions of people who obtain orthodontic treatment do so to right a frequent problem called a malocclusion. Also known simply as a “bad bite,” malocclusions come in numerous forms and severities and can create significant complications. Once you see a certified Dallas orthodontist to correct your bite, it is possible to enjoy advantages ranging from a more attractive appearance to a decrease in painful headaches related to jaw pressure.

Most malocclusions may be categorized as either an overbite, under bite, or cross bite. With an overbite, a patient’s front teeth extend well over the lower bottom teeth, giving the appearance of buck teeth. Contrarily, an under bite occurs when the lower teeth extend out over the upper teeth. With a cross bite, tooth crowding causes the whole set of upper teeth to fall inside the lower teeth when the mouth is closed. Each and every sort of malocclusion can trigger unnecessary wear and tear on teeth and gums, affect speech and eating functions, and even play a role in a poor self-image.

With early treatment by a Dallas orthodontist, a child may never have to experience the harmful effects of malocclusions. Preventive care works to guide developing teeth into a far better shape, while also decreasing the need for permanent tooth extractions or invasive remedies later on in adolescence. However, you do not have to be a child to enjoy the transformative power of orthodontics. So long as your teeth and gums are in healthy condition, they are able to be moved and enhanced at any age.

The truth is, many Dallas orthodontist practices have observed an uptick in adult patients due to recent innovations in treatment options. From simple retainers to invisible braces, today’s orthodontists offer a multitude of options for whipping your teeth into shape. Regardless of whether you suffer from misaligned teeth or an awkward bite, contemporary orthodontic care can remodel your smile for an improved appearance and greater tooth function. If you bid goodbye to protruding, crooked, or misaligned teeth, you’ll look better and feel better long after the braces come off.


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