Magnifying The Benefits of Cell Phones With Big Buttons For Seniors

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Certain people love cell phones that are compact up to the point that a lot of cell phone models appear with keys that are way too small already. However, some people especially the seniors cannot stand such kind of phone. With small buttons, how can they possibly comfortably and effectively use the phone for their advantage? Good thing that there are big button cell phone models these days such as the Just5 cell phone.

The Benefits of Big Buttons for Seniors

It is common knowledge that as people age, their vision becomes weaker and weaker. However, this does not mean that they must live with such problem until the last days of their lives. There are basically a lot of innovations these days that are targeting this problem of seniors.  For instance, a lot of simple cell phones are being designed with big buttons already. This is to make cell phone use for seniors a lot easier. Dialing numbers need not be too complicated because they can easily see the buttons even from a good distance. Even without putting their glasses on, seniors can easily read the keys for sure.

Moreover, a big button cell phone is more comfortable to use. This is not only about the bigger fingers of adults but also because seniors’ hands are becoming weaker and weaker, too. Big buttons will not strain their hands too much, which means a better experience for them in the long run.

A Good Big Button Cell Phone

When speaking of big button cell phones, Just5 is one of the names that can be trusted. This is a cell phone with an obviously big set of buttons for the comfort of seniors. Plus, its services to seniors do not end here. Just5 cell phones also have bright display and amplified sound for a better cell phone experience of seniors. A bright display will be helpful even with poor eyesight and the amplified sound will make sure that the phone is heard despite hearing problems.

Moreover, the Just5 cell phone has emergency response system. This is a practically helpful feature in a cell phone that can be a lifesaver for seniors. This feature allows easy access to help during emergency situations. It only takes one press of the SOS button before the phone will automatically contact numbers and give off a loud alarm to call for help. This is not to mention yet that this service is only a bonus and does not come with a charge. It works like medical alert systems only that you save a lot of money here month after month.

Lastly, this cell phone is very affordable, which makes it more ideal for seniors. It also has cheap prepaid plan options that require no contract, credit checks, and activation fees.

A cell phone is really a need of seniors these days. However, what they need is a big button cell phone that is easy to use, affordable, and helpful for their everyday lives. The Just5 cell phone is indeed a good find for the cell phone needs of the elderly nowadays.


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