Selecting Your Ray-Bans

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The square face – the oval frame can relieve your jaw line. With circular and wavy lines on your face frame offers a good contrast.

Proposal: Select the frame lines, slightly rounded glasses weaken the banks of the upper face, leaving the whole face is symmetry, the prospect of colors, suitable for bright red line, add feminine charm.

Reminder: the wrong place, oblong frame, the proportion of the face will be more prominent.

heart-shaped face – without limits or choose eye color lighter frame. As a pilot round glasses at the base, the whole face, glasses Fabaceae can also have the same effect.

Round face – choose a rectangle or square with the purpose of comparison. wide lens, which matches every time, you can make your jaw line more clearly. The glass above the yellow lentils, red or down some of the lines, the sheet will face even more. Therefore, the face of beauty must choose a thick colored glass earrings cold frames, black glasses, the effect of “tightening” the visual side.

Reminder: avoid selection bias, will face circle was more rounded.

rectangle easy to face people would suggest choosing sunglasses beautiful square or circular shaped, not only smart, but you can make adjustments to facial shapes, becoming moderate length. Sports & Recreation nonferrous large frames glasses sunglasses are very nice, you can decorate a long face. Color used a few glasses of red wine can taste orpink for female.

Reminder: Not suitable for small oblong or flat, flat modeling long makes the face appear longer, heavy and black, brown will focus will face inappropriate relationship.

oval face – any large windows or a larger face. Keep the size of your face, almost all of the face may be the right balance. Also, do not need too many colors, if you want your complexion is the color.

Reminder: If you choose plastic frame, thick frame to avoid going to hurt in the face of beauty in itself.

Now you can enter your face.Wearing a pair of sunglasses Ray-Ban sunglasses just can not filter UV rays of the sun, to protect your vision, if the styles of sunglasses and a face, it can also decorate your face, can give more temperamental. Must be chosen according to their styles to tackle alone.


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