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A kitchen faucet is the central part of every kitchen. Faucet is a very important kitchen accessory without which a kitchen is incomplete. These days, faucets are available in numerous designs, sizes, colors and styles as per the latest trends of modern home furnishing. When you are purchasing a faucet for your kitchen, you must always keep in mind that not only it should look great, but it should be convenient, safe and strong too.

Besides, there are different types of faucets available in the market that carries different features. Here are some of the types of faucets available these days that you can consider buying for your usage:

Single handle faucet– These faucets have a single lever for controlling the water flow and temperature.

Two handle faucet– In these faucets you get two handles for separate hot and cold water control.

Pull out spray faucets– The spray wands are pulled from the front with the help of the button available either on the top or underneath to perform spray.

Wall mount faucet– they are mounted directly on the wall above kitchen sink.

Pot filter faucet– they are mounted on the wall or above the sink or even on the wall beside the stove. This way, one can easily place the pot on the burner and fill it easily.

Bar sink faucet– these are designed to be used in bars and other entertainment outlets. These are available in 1to 3 hole configuration with both cold and hot water operations.

Water filtration faucet– it’s the key feature is its efficient water filtration function. With this faucet in your kitchen, you need not add an extra water purifier as it gives you clean and sparkling clear water direct from the tap.

In addition to it, there are various other types of kitchen faucets available in different styles and finishes. You can take detailed information about all those faucets online. For the same, conducting an online research will be very helpful. It will enable you to come across various portals offering these products. Also, to buy your preferred product at competitive rates, you can compare products from two or more sites and can determine the best deal as per your condition easily.


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