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If you are buying seating furniture for your house, and you like things that are different from the crowd, then a cool chair might be just the thing for you. A cool chair is quite different from a traditional chair in design, in that the purpose of a cool chair is to combine comfort and style.

Nowadays, an increasing number of innovative cool chairs are arriving in the market, designed to perfection for your comfort. They feature a complete departure from the structure and design of the normal chairs, and are conceptualized from scratch. They are designed to be trendy, and highly ergonomic.

Some cool chairs act as both a normal sitting chair, and also as a comfortable armchair. They use gravity and the concept of balance in such a productive way that it almost seems magical. A hanging cool chair in your lounge will appeal to your playful side, whereas the sober colour scheme will add grace. A chair like this is a delight for everyone, including the guests you wish to impress. Giving new meaning to cool chairs is Dedon’s hanging lounger. It is large and teardrop shaped with overhead shade to protect you from the sun. Italian contemporary cool chairs serve as a piece of decorative piece of art when you are not sitting on them. They come in bright colors to light up your living space.

Generally, there is no ‘typical’ cool chair. The category is quite broad and encompasses various styles of both contemporary and modern designers. A great example is the cool chair designed by Charlie Davidson, which he created out of 2mm steel sheet with punched holes. Its uniqueness lays in the fact that it is comfortable, even when it is totally made out of metal. One of the most innovatively designed cool chairs is the Double Patio Lounger which is shaped like a roller coaster and can seat 2 people face to face.

There are various cool chairs available in the market, which are a pleasure for both kids and adults. Buy an inflatable cool chair, or a chair that doubles up as a storage box, the choice is all yours.


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