Some Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment Methods To Consider

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Before you commit to a surgical procedure, take the time to educate yourself. Understanding what to expect, and being aware that best results are not guaranteed, is a vital aspect of the procedure. More permanent solutions than over-the-counter creams are, obviously, more invasive and expensive and have some potential unwanted effects which you should be aware of. The initial step is to make an appointment with a professional dermatologist, who will confirm that you’ve exhausted all other options and advise you on what to do next.

If your circles are caused by visible capillaries below the surface of the skin, IPL laser treatment may get good results. The light from the laser removes the top layer of skin, eliminating old, unhealthy cells in the process. Over time, this skin will thicken and the darkness will reduce.

Sometimes, dark under eye circles are caused by dark pigmentation. This might be down to natural skin tone, or due to excessive sun exposure. These dark patches called hyperpigmentation and your treatments could be something as simple as changing a medication you might be taking that is affecting your skin, or the use of bleaching creams or a topical retinoid (derived from vit a). Additionally, there are other, more invasive options. Always look for expert suggestions and learn the possible risks and not simply the possible benefits.

Fat grafting is a surgical procedure for dark circles under eyes which has been growing in popularity in recent years. Fat is taken from other areas of the body and injected under the skin under eyes. By thickening skin, those dark shadows are much less visible. Again, this shouldn’t be an impulse decision. Be sensible in your expectations. Accept that no surgery will completely remove all the dark shadows under your eyes. Your surgeon may prescribe a topical treatment and recommend some other ways in which you may improve the overall condition and look of your skin.

As with every surgical procedure, do lots of homework before you choose your surgeon. Attempt to go for someone who has a lot of experience in doing treatments for under eye darkness and who comes with great recommendations and an impressive reputation. Choosing the lowest priced option is not going to produce the best results; it’s worth paying a bit more for a better quality of service. Your initial consultation with a surgeon is the ideal time to ask all the questions you have about the procedure. Only when your mind is at ease and you’re completely sure that you are in good hands should you proceed. Safety should be your most important consideration.


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