Green Lantern

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Fear- the most crippling emotion is the resounding theme of the Box office release, “Green Lantern” starring Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern also known as Hal Jordan. 

Although the critics crucified this film, I found the plot rather inspirational and challenging to anyone who has had to confront fear.  The green lanterns are a group of extra-terrestrial beings who foresee the demise of the universe at the hands of an evil villain, Dr. Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) who feeds on the fears of others.  Needless to say, this fearful force seems to have omnipotent power, which leaves the lanterns at a crossroads.  Should they resolve to fight fear with fear or should they invest their energy into gathering courage to face and conquer their fears head on?

Even though the backdrop of the plot is a battle between fear and hope, there were many points in the movie where Hal Jordan’s character is portrayed as a clumsy, goofy, and outright cheesy pilot/super hero.  Hal Jordan adds a lot of light to an otherwise dark film.   His romance with Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) is both sincere and rather juvenile at the same time.  The couple’s struggle with accepting Hal’s alternative personality is entertaining in itself.

The graphics are particularly dark yet spectacular and extravagant throughout the film.  The Green Lanterns are all adorned with illuminating concentrations of energy that makes up their body suits.  When Carol is visited by the masked Lantern and recognizes Hal, she asks him why he’s wearing a mask and he states, “it came with the costume.”  In fact, there are many times throughout the film that I felt that his ridiculous costume accompanied with the white contacts were both intended to humor the audience based on the dialogue. 

Overall, “Green Lantern” is surprisingly entertaining with a complex plot that challenges the idea of complacency with fear.  Fear is transformed into a vicious villain that consumes most humans until the courageous Hal Jordan challenges his own fear.  There are many lessons to be learned from this film if viewers humbly see past the corny script and costumes.  The acting is okay considering the simplicity of the script. Green Lantern rates 4 of 5 and is recommended to all ages of the family who have open minds about the film’s deeper meaning.


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