Summer Tour to London’s Buckingham Palace

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London is engrossed with many captivating tourist attractions; whether you want to visit some of the world’s famous sights, enjoy the captivating night life or capture ancient traditions make sure you plan your journeys as it would definitely be challenging to visit them all if you don’t map out your trip.

A visit to the Buckingham Palace in the summer months would be a dream come true for those who follow the Royal family or are intrigued but the wonders of the Palace. Constructed first as a townhouse in 1705 it has been transformed by many famous architects over the years into the magnificent landmark it is today.  Being the official home of The Queen, Buckingham Palace is amongst one of the most sought after tourist attractions in London attracting more than 50,000 tourists every year.

The Palace is also one of the world’s few remaining working palaces, with a workforce of over 450.

Every summer, the public is allowed to take a firsthand look at the personal accessories and furnishings. This summer the Duchess of Cambridge (the newest member of the Royal Family) wedding dress and cake will be on display! Won’t it be an amazing sight to see those stunning formal and festive gowns and jewels? You can also enter into the west wing to see what’s in the state rooms. All 19 rooms are used by the Queen and the Royals to entertain guests and dignitaries to the Palace. How about visiting the Royal mews? See the horses in Royal stables and the Golden State Coach (official coach for State functions).  See the collection of about 30 different carriages used for coronations, weddings and funerals.

You can also visit the Queen’s private gallery and see the paintings and works of famous artists Canaletto, Rubens, Vermeer…the collections change from day to day so, you’ll find everything new and different on every visit.

Don’t forget the famous changing of the guards, just wait outside the palace to watch the guards changing ceremony. This takes place every morning by 11.30 AM and lasts for 45 minutes. People eagerly wait to watch this every day when four new guards replace the previous four  during which the military march is played. Only by the number of guards outside the palace, people find if the Queen is inside. When the Queen is out of the Palace, only two guards are found outside the palace.

The Buckingham Palace summer tour for 2011 starts from July 3rd. Plan your travel and enjoy being a Royal Family guest!


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