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Marketing is a branch of management science, Industries produce good articles but heavy marketing is necessary to sell these articles .A good talkative capacity is necessary to sell these articles .A marketing should be well versed in dealing the articles and also should have fluency in English.

                                Many factories produce articles but don’t know how to put them into market it requires lot of skill and intelligence to do this .Marketers should visit various houses and inform them about the quality of their articles they must have a pleasing personality they should have a good communication skill, they must be very much well versed with the qualities of articles, they are selling they should not get bored or feel tired of this job.

                                Online marketing success lies upon creative thinking on the part of individual entrepreneur. The business task is completed through creativity such as developing innovative ideas for promotional of a product. So for the successful marketing we must avoid certain thinking that inhibits creative thinking. There are 5 ways to avoid this

(1)Focus only on creating

(2)Do not fear failure


(4)The truth is out there

(5)Lacking self confidence

                                As far as homework in marketing is concerned one can arrange for a group discussion and ask the tutor to review the same, One can give various articles to the students and ask them to sell in the market this helps the students to understand a good knowledge of marketing assignments can also be given .These assignments should be of high quality we can also arrange seminars and discuss among the students .One can arrange a tour or picnic and ask the students to write essays on them. One can ask the students  to write essays on marketing this very much helps the students  to understand about marketing .Marketing homework will be helpful for the students to built some knowledge about the marketing and know about the new development taking place in the marketing industry. Homework should be given in such a way that students have to search through internet, newspaper and know the happenings in the marketing industry. So that they understand both the subject and learn about the new technologies.


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