Key to Healthy Living

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“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This was the statement made by the World Health Organization in the year 1946.
Most diseases are pertaining to lifestyle and most of them can be avoided by simply following a few thumb rules of healthy living. These small tips will enable you increase efficiency of your metabolism and help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle.  
It is not about starving yourself or surviving on rice cakes. It’s all about planning your choices today that will leave you with more vigor and a longer life.
Eat Food to Enhance Metabolism (Fruits/Vegetables)
Eat foods that are tested to bolster your metabolism. It is an open fact that eating fruits and vegetables are good for you, but do you know they actually increase the capacity of your metabolism? Around the age of 25 most people’s metabolisms become seemingly less efficient. This doesn’t mean you cannot do anything to boost it.
Incorporating fruits vegetables, whole cereals (grains), eggs, fish and nuts into your diet is a good way to maintain a healthy diet.  
Drink Lots of Water
Having a glass of water before meals will decrease levels of hunger and it will enable you to eat less. Sometimes our hunger is mental rather than physical. Following these tips will help your body recognize how hungry it really is and prevent you from overeating. We all have heard the eight glasses of water a day thumb rule. This is not necessarily right. The normal person should be drinking sufficient water so that their urine is light yellow or clear.
Fiber Rich Food
Foods high in fiber are another method to curb overeating and it also helps in healthy digestion. Shortly after eating a meal (generally after 30 minutes) you should have to go for a bowel movement. So a healthy human should take about two to three bowel movements a day. That may appear to be a lot to some of you, but this may be a sign how out of balance your food has become. Foods like red meat, carbohydrates and cheese are not easily digested by the system and can result in painful bloating and constipation. Eating leafy vegetables and other foods that are rich in fiber i.e. as whole grains and apples is a great way to regulate your digestive system.
By just replacing some of your food habits and finding alternative methods to get your energy is all it takes to start ensuring a healthy life for you and your family.


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