Why do We Get Osteoporosis?

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Osteoporosis is a condition where there is excessive mineralization of the bones, making the body susceptible to fracture especially in the wrist, hips, and spine. Nutrition books say that it is due to low calcium intake. As the calcium was

lost from the bones of older men and menopausal women, the bones became more porous, until they became quite brittle.Is it really a disease of old age? I came across the Malaysian Vegnews issue that contradict that notion that we need to eat food that is rich in calcium to prevent the disease. The issue that contained the article “Osteoporosis and the Calcium Myth”, says that calcium intake has nothing to do with osteoporosis, instead we need to ask what is causing our bones to surrender their calcium. I am sharing to you some excerps from the article to help you attain understanding of why people get afflicted with osteoporosis.

“The problem stems from the amount of protein we consume, especially animal protein as found in meat,dairy products,poultry and fish. You see, the human body has very low protein requirements. We cannot store excess protein. So,once protein is digested and converted down to amino acids and their by-products accumulate in the blood, the blood pH drops i.e. the blood becomes very acidic.When the blood becomes too acidic, in an effort to balance the pH, the blood draws calcium and magnesium from the bones, as these are the two most readily available alkaline substances in the body. The more protein we eat, the more calcium our blood draws from our bones. The end result is high levels of uric acid, calcium and magnesium in the urine.”

That’s the very simple and very basic biochemistry explained in the said article. It supports countless experiments over the years that have proven that women, when fed a meal high in animal protein, lose large volumes of these vital minerals in the urine over the hours following the meal. Fed a meal dominated by plant products, there is little or no calcium in the urine.

The article in the Malaysian Vegnews issue also reminds us that good health is attained not by eating more and more but by eating in proper amounts what the body truly needs. So let’s spread the truth, not the myths.



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