Why a Cashier Job is Not Suited For All

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A cashier’s job many times gives a false sense of importance to the person on the job. It is not uncommon to notice people responsible for handling money carrying a sense of air with them; they are mostly unfriendly and staid looking; they derive pleasure in making people wait in the queue to collect the cash and when parting with the money, they act as if they are giving away their own hard-earned money on charity to unworthy persons!

They can’t be blamed totally. Money has that inherent power to influence those who handle it. Never get carried away by the antics of cashiers and do not tend to belief that a cashier’s job is a prestigious one.

There are several reasons why one should shy away from a cashier’s job.


Handling money is risky. You have to be constantly vigilant and attentive. If you make a small slip in your counting, you may give away excess money and the one who collects from you may not always be honest. At the end of the day, when you have to tally your account and handover the cash to the higher authorities, it is you who have to compensate the missing money. You will be forced to spend sleepless nights on account of your slip or absentmindedness.


If you are weak hearted, you may get tempted by the constant smell of money around you. Particularly if you are already a person of loose morals added with addiction to any bad habits like gambling, horse racing, betting etc., the money you are handling may tempt you to try some ugly tricks. Particularly if you have some leeway in balancing your accounts (not necessarily on day-to-day basis), you may get a strong urge to “use” the company’s money for trying your luck in gambling for a very short period with the hope that before the next auditing, you will be able to replace the money.

Umpteen people have fallen to the temptation and lost their jobs in playing such dirty games. So, beware of the evil attraction of money.


For many people, once the initial charm of sitting in a highly responsible job of handling money wears off, the boredom of the job gets revealed. The job of a cashier is too routine, too mechanical and too mundane after some time.

   Some job profiles (like a clerk in a bank) will necessarily call for gaining experience in handling money with responsibility. After the customary stint in the cashier post, it is always better to ease out of the responsibility sooner and move out to another job which is less risky and more creative.


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