If Your Pregnant Please Read This Warning

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If your Pregnant please read this warning

By Joseph Parish

Because the nation is quickly entering a new age of danger from foreign enemies or natural disasters does not mean that human impulses will come to a halt. Man and women will continue to fall in love regardless of what the economic or physical condition of the country may be. Naturally when a couple are in love the possibility of children will become a grave concern.

Many people are currently turning their attention to natural products to preserve their health or to combat health related discrepancies and once the infrastructure is destroyed and medical professionals become difficult to locate we will see a vast new influx of converts. The rule of life will be that people will find it necessary to learn the proper precautions to take when dealing with herbs and spices for medicinal purposes.

No other groups of preppers are at risk with improper herbal use than those women who might be pregnant. Certain herbs should not be used by these women as many can often cause early contractions, various birth defects or even miscarriage. When taking herbs for health and medical reasons be sure to check and see which herbs can safely be used under your conditions.

When a woman is pregnant she must take into consideration how her actions affect not only her health but that of her unborn child as well. To be entirely safe when no medical advice is available you should obtain a quality herbal medication manual. This book if properly researched would stress warnings that should be followed under specific medical conditions. Just because a product is considered natural does not eliminate all risks involved. There can be various consequences and side effects that may affect a pregnant woman. In all reality there are even some kitchen spices or food seasonings which are not totally safe for a pregnant woman. You should take as much precaution as you possibly can before consuming these types of products.

As an example let me mention a couple of these items by name but please keep in mind there are many more than what I am mentioning.

It could very well be that you may decide that during hostile condition you would need to employ horsehair for wounds that may have been acquired. Horsehair is also a common remedy for treating kidney ailments or urinary tract infections since it tends to increase the bodies urine output. Several precautions concerning this product are an allergy warning in case you are sensitive to any nicotine type products and is not recommended for those women who are breast-feeding or pregnant. The item lowers the presence of vitamin B1 and potassium in the pregnant woman’s body.

Now get ready for a big surprise. You will find cinnamon used in a vast number of recipes and is frequently recommended as an emergency substitute for fighting bacterial and fungal infections. Pregnant women should not indulge in the use of cinnamon in medicinal quantities. More studies are needed but the preliminaries indicate it could present a hazard to them.

The list goes on and on and includes herbs ranging from Angelica all the way to Yerba so in the event you are about to have a newborn child please take the proper precautions. Some herbs may be used in small doses while others should be avoided completely. Know before you use them.

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