Will Korea Pull America And China Into a Conflict?

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Will Korea Pull America and China into a Conflict?

By Joseph Parish

By now most people have heard of the conflict between North Korea and our Southern Korean Allies. North Korea has outwardly bombed a small island under South Korean control which adds to their list of over 30 episodes of war inducing situations.

What is on most people minds and of major concern is whether the situation will pull America and China into a confrontation as well. With our nuclear aircraft carrier the USS George Washington heading to the region, many people both in the United States and in foreign nations fear that the develops of the following days may perhaps result in another war in the Asian area. The most questioned statement lately is what will happen next?

To start out with North Korea attacked the south with a specific goal clearly in mind. Do they want the issue to escalate to more serious concerns? Initially they may be flexing a few muscles in a display of strength in anticipation of their upcoming leadership succession however, in view of their recent revelations concerning their nuclear enrichment facilities there may be something more involved in their rash actions.

By bombing their Southern Korean neighbor’s island they have effectively placed their cards open up on the bargaining table. They want to essentially draw attention to the fact that they would like the rest of the world to be aware that they exist, they want the current sanctions to be removed and they desire to be permitted to obtain foreign aid to improve their faltering economy.

Another question on the tips of most peoples tongues are whether the North Korean leaders would be so mentally imbalanced that they might possibly launch a nuclear attack against their neighbors or any other nation? Unfortunately, as I see the situation from observing their actions in the past 50 years they very well may consider just such retaliation. It would take a coordinated intervention by all countries involved including China to prevent such an event from materializing. In effect, it would certainly be a diplomatic challenge for those involved.

Many people now consider China to be a major culprit in this crisis. They contend that the Chinese are the only people who have a measure of control over the North Koreans. These same people accuse China of manipulating the north’s leaders in order to achieve their own goals. Given the fact that the north clearly has nuclear weapon capabilities and the means to employ those missiles, they present an ever present threat to both the South Korean government as well as those in Japan.

I, however tend to disagree with this concept. First off if for some stretch of the imagination the north were able to combine the two Koreas into one would they then be a threat to the 13 billion Chinese residing near by? You can bet they would. Too many Chinese troops have died in order to achieve the status quo which we find in the Asian area at this time. Either a collapse of North Korea or even a reunification of the two Koreas would be no advantage to China. A peaceful solution would better serve Beijing in the long run both politically and economically. A war with America would be detrimental to the Chinese economy. They too have concerns financially and they certainly would not want their billions of Chinese citizens unemployed because America stopped buying Chinese made products. Therefore it is China’s best interest to smooth the damaged relationships in the region. China needs a stable region in order to continue with their plans. I fully expect China to take a strong yank on North Koreas chains by stressing the potential withdraw of military and economic aid.

So folks, there you have it. Granted I may be totally off base and way out in left field but I do not foresee the country of China committing economic suicide. Whether I am right or wrong only time will tell.

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