Prepare Don’t Complain

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Prepare don’t complain

By Joseph Parish

Prior to the arrival of the Katrina disaster the many folks who were transferred to the Superdome were instructed by the authorities to bring at least a three day supply of emergency rations with them. These supplies were to include not only their food and water but also any necessary prescription medications that were necessary. Unfortunately the majority of the potential occupants failed to comply with that simple request whether it was a result of not having the materials necessary at hand or simply being in a hurry to evacuate their home.

It is much too easy for the people involved in a disaster to blame others for their shortcomings in particular the government when in fact it is they that are lacking in the proper preparations required to successfully survive in a crisis situation. During the aftermath of Katrina we see the blame shifting from President Bush to FEMA but the bare facts are the people did not prepare themselves.

It is unrealistic to expect any agency to be able to arrive at your doorsteps during a major crisis with armfuls of badly needed food and drinks to tie you over until the disaster has ended. This is more evident with today’s economy than at any time in history. Non-profit groups such as the Red Cross are feeling the financial squeeze just as much as an individual with a family may feel it.

People in these circumstances should be proactive and employ just about every resource at their disposal in order to discover ways that they can provide the necessities for themselves. This assessment should be based primarily upon the previous preparations which they had made in anticipation of an emergency. Only than are they justified in complaining about outside agencies not being capable of helping them through the situation at hand.

You may find yourself in situations where some of your supplies get destroyed such as during a flood but by being diverse you would still have alternate food reserves to fall back upon. This would be a good example to use to motivate you towards some serious thought as to the containers which you use within your pantry. The five gallon plastic containers may be destroyed or float away during a flash flood but your canned reserves may still be preserved.

I myself also rely upon alternative locations. I like to keep about a three day supply of products in my bug out vehicle. If for some reason something were to happen to my home supplies we would still have three days of food at our disposal. If you happen to be overly concerned about a heat issue such as in the summertime you could consider storing the Coast Guard approved food bars. I keep a small stash of food in a public storage facility as well just for those occasions. Use your imagination and above all be prepared.

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