4 Effective Ways In Lowering High Triglycerides

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There are various causes of high triglycerides, and they are:
1. High fat foods and weight gain.

Triglyceride levels usually increase as your weight increases. Excess calories, especially from sugar and alcohol are one of the causes of high triglycerides. Alcohol increases your liver’s production of triglycerides and reduces the amount of fat cleared from your blood. Also, high fat foods increase your triglycerides. For example, red meat, dairy products.

Understand this. Triglycerides are, what we call “fat”. When you grab a handful of tummy, love handles or some other fat storage, you are grabbing triglycerides. As such, whenever you have fat in your body, rest assured that it is one of the main causes of high triglycerides.

2. Age.

Triglycerides levels steadily increase as you grow older.

3. Medications.

Certain drugs, such as birth control pills, steroids, and diuretics (water pills) can cause triglyceride levels to rise.

4. Illness.

Medical conditions, that are associated with high triglyceride levels, i.e., diabetes, hypothyroidism, kidney disease, and liver disease.

5. Heredity.

Some forms of high triglycerides occur among members of the same families.

How to lower triglycerides?
Having said all this about the causes of high triglycerides, it wouldn’t be fair if you do not have any idea on how to lower them.

As you might have noticed one of the main causes of high triglycerides which you can control, is high fat food. As such to lower triglycerides basically you need to watch the food you eat and certainly exercise.

Secondly, triglycerides are lowered automatically when you lower your cholesterol.

If you are following a cholesterol lowering plan, combining using a supplement, exercise and limiting high fat food, you will be loosing weight slowly. As you loose weight, the fat comes out of the fat cells and into the blood to be removed from the body. Anytime you are on a weight loss diet, expect higher than normal triglycerides.

However, it is not every time that you’ll have high triglycerides on the second profile. You might as well have lower than usual triglycerides at the end of four weeks. But you should definitely have a lower triglyceride level at the end of 3 months. As such, do not stop your cholesterol lowering regime without giving it at least 3 months. (If it took years to accumulate that high triglycerides level, it should take at leas few months to lower them down).


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