Bring Out The Dry Gas

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 Bring out the Dry Gas

By Joseph Parish

Here we are heading well into the winter months and we can all expect our cars to be difficult to start. Although this is a serious situation with our normal day to day vehicles it is critical when it comes to a survivalists bug out vehicle. We know from experience that a BOV must be ready to roll at any time whether it is winter or summer.

One way that we can ensure that our BOV will be operational when we need it is to include what is known as “dry gas” in our emergency supplies. Every dry gas product contains a certain percentage of isopropyl alcohol. If you think back to your high school biology days you will recall how when preparing a specimen for examination under a microscope slide you soaked it in alcohol to remove the water. I would make use of what is known as absolute alcohol when preparing extracts for cloning.

In all reality the new gasohol products being sold at the filling stations are actually 10% alcohol in their composition. The fact is clearly noted by law on each pump that used this type of fuel. With this in mind you can often find many people who feel that the use of any sort of gasoline which contains alcohol would be a bad choice as it tends to decrease your fuel mileage causing you to actually consume more fossil fuels than you otherwise would.

Let me take a moment to explain how this chemical process takes place. Alcohol tends to bond with the water which as a result allows the water to actually “burn”. If you were to pour a cup of water into a cup of alcohol you would logically assume that you will have two cups of this alcohol-water mixture. In reality you end up with less than two cups as the two ingredients demonstrate the bonding agent that we are talking about. Now as we turn our attention to the dry gas we place in our tank as you will discover a similar situation develops.

One of the problems with alcohol is that too much of it in your fuel will destroy your rubber fuel lines. This is one of those cases where a little is better. Even though too much alcohol can damage vital parts of your car a little added can often be a benefit at getting the water out of your fuel.

I am not very fond of continued use of gasohol as I once purchased a van that had been run on the new product and than parked for a period of several months. As a result the van would be running fine and than act as if it was starving from lack of gas. I took the van to a garage to have it diagnosed and was told that the gasohol that sat in the van during its storage time rusted the complete fuel system. To remedy the situation would cost close to two thousand dollars. It was than time to look for another vehicle.

For years now I have used dry gas in all my vehicles and not experienced any problems what so ever. Like many things in life the alcohol in the dry gas can be used to our advantage if moderation is observed.

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