5 Travel Gadgets You Still Need

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You´re ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Your bag is bursting at the seams and you think you´ve got everything you could possibly need. But do you? Probably not. Described below are five useful travel gadgets that most backpackers never considered, but will undoubtedly find a need for.

Nothing is worse than having that lapse in judgment and drinking the local tap water. It´s also no fun having to rely on bottled water. Not only is it inconvenient, but the cost adds up. Fortunately, your solution lies in a device known as a UV water sterilization pen. By blasting this light into a liter of water for under a minute, the UV renders any bacteria impotent by scrambling it´s DNA. And presto, drinkable water that won´t make a mess of your insides.

Countless times backpackers have found themselves without a powersource for an electronic device. This next gadget is a brilliant solution. The hand powered generator has a simple, compact design that relies on a pull cord to generate electricity. Just one minute of tugging will give you plenty of juice to power your way through any situation.

Take a look in your bag. Odds are, there is more than one item inside that requires traditional batteries. The problem is that your camera, electric razor, etc., drain those quickly. Then you have to purchase numerous additional ones. Just another snowballing expense. Fortunately there is a non-traditional answer to this classic problem. It´s the USB rechargable batteries! You just flip open the top of these seemingly normal batteries to reveal a USB connector, plug it in to any USB port, let it charge, and you´ve got yourself a fresh set.

The next gadget you never knew you needed is a pocket sized, digital, talking translator. With multiple languages, extensive vocabulary, and help with pronounciation, this tool can not only help you out of any language barrier crisis, but it can enrich your overall experience in a foriegn country.

Finally, this last item is as simple as it gets. The often overlooked travel sewing kit will come in handy more than you might think. You can repair clothing, sleeping bags, tents and anything else that may require needle, thread, or safety pins.

So there you have it, five gadgets you never considered for your trip. They will undoubtedly make your backpacking experience not only easier, but infinitely more enjoyable.


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