Scotch a Mature Blend

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The casks that we speak of are of the used variety, due to the fact that new casks would change the taste of the scotch dramatically, hence altering its character.


A law in the US states that for the production of Bourbon, or Tennessee whiskey, only new casks are to be used. The use of these new casks introduces a vanilla taste into the blend.  There are some blends as old as 30 years or more, happy hunting for that elusive and pricey 

Scotch:  Popular Today, Popular Tomorrow.


In today’s world of clubs and young drinkers, fine Scotch often falls by the wayside.  A much more sophisticated drink, Scotch is popular with older, more mature drinkers. Will this classic favorite eventually die out to all the pretty drinks served up in coconut shells with pretty pink umbrellas?  The answer is probably not.  Although Scotch on the rocks, is getting to be more and more unpopular among the bar drinkers, there are mixed drinks that feature fine Scotch with fun names that appeal to the younger crowd.  

Drinks like the rusty nail which features Scotch and Drambuie or the Scotch happy sour which features Scotch and cherry flavored brandy are fun drinks that the twenty-something’s love to order.  It is the unique taste of fine Scotch that sets it apart from the fad drinks that are all the rage today.  There are a multitude of these kinds of mixed drinks, but to the true connoisseurs of fine whiskey, a cold scotch on the rocks is the only way to enjoy a fine scotch.

Mixed Drinks Upsetting for Distillers

Although some Scots are softening up in regards to their traditional dram, we cannot say all of them are. Some are indeed abusively screaming and kicking, with regard to how their fine brew is handled.

The idea of mixing a fine scotch in a fancy drink at the bar seems preposterous. This notion is dubbed an act of kindness, yet not too kind to the distillers that have toiled to bring us such a wonderful product.

Scotch is a wonderful brew that hit the mainstream of the U.S. in the early 1990’s.  Several have considered this type of drink as a personality definer, causing it to grow quickly in popularity.  Through Scotch as a drink was also a growing interest in it as a single malt treat.  However, there are many different variations that have hit the market in order to please every palette.

It has been said that scotch is a nasty old bugger who is drank alone or with one or two close friends and not in the spirit of socializing. However the distillers, and aficionados alike tend to disagree. They feel that the time spent with friends and family, should indeed include the sipping of a fine scotch, for pleasure and conversation alike.


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