Did Google Adsense Suspend Your Account? You've Got An Alternative

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There are many people out there who want to make some money online by writing articles. Many writers are successful, they write for sites like Bukisa,Triond, Wikinut and Infobarrel, and earn good residual monthly income. Many more, on the other hand, failed for many reasons. One of the reasons is suspension of their Google Adsense account. When google adsense suspended their accounts for illegal activities they found it hard to make a successful online earning by writing. Because many of the sites are affliates of Google adsense and once their account is suspended the writers do not have means to earn so they quit.

Many freelance writers turn to sites that offer choices. Triond is one such site that provides opportunity for  writers to earn by both views and google adsense. If google suspended your account you can still write for Triond to earn by number of views you attract to the site. Info barrel is simiar to Triond, it has both Google adsense and Amzaon.com. 

Bukisa is another one that provides this opportunity. Bukisa does not provide that opportunity simultaneously, but if you affiliate with google adsense and in the event you account is suspended, you can open another one with Chitika.com. Or if you have accounts with both adsense and Chitika then you have the choice to choose one of two. You can decide by their rates, which one pays better, you can go for that. Bukisa give you that opporutniy.

If you have written for Bukisa and find your adsense earning small and not coming well as you would like, you can join chitika through this link: https://chitika.com/publishers.php?refid=jak2010” Bukisa has affiliated with both Google adsense and Chitika  which means that Bukisa provides the choice for you to see your dreams come true. You can choose Chitika to place its contextual ads in your page in Bukisa  and will share revenues from those ads.

Chitika performs very muck like google adsense. It is revenue sharing company where revenue recieved from owners of the ads in your page is shared the chitika, Bukisa and you, the write. In others, Bukisa affiliates with Chitika  and revenues bukisa recieved with will be shared between the writer and the site owner, like Bukisa. Site like Hugpages pays 50%-75%, Infobarrel pays 75-80% and Bukisa pays around that range. 

If you are writer who gave up because of your adsense account suspended and surfing around for a good site, Bukisa is the now you write for and earn from the exciting partnership between Bukisa and Chitika.


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