Top 14 Gifts That Your Father Secretly Desires Instead of The Usual Stews

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Do not think that having already bought your gift for Father’s Day, or if you have made ​​more “clay ashtray,” makes you someone special.One is even on the verge of telling you that you are well planted.And why?Because in truth, your dad, he wants nothing more than a tie or a book, in truth, your father, he secretly desires the things he will never dare to admit.A short guide to gifts that Dad would really enjoy …

  1. You offer a portfolio, then he wants you to find a job: A real.With a salary.Not just one that makes you “cool” when asked for the job of your father.The portfolio, he will see later.
  2. You give him a detective story / thriller, so he wants you to spend a night, one night, without tweeter: or without going on Facebook or MSN.His culture, he bangs, he is concerned for yours.
  3. You offer socks, then he wants you to stop wearing the jeans of your sister my dear sir: and vice versa.
  4. You offer a hair removal for nose hair / ears when he just wants you to remove the beard that grows miserably last year: to men.And he wants you to stop talking about hair removal bikini at the table for you girls.
  5. You offer anything with writing “World’s Best Dad” when he just wants you to stop telling him that “daddy is my year, I feel”: the last of your group hard metal because you have already written two songs that will paperboard, of which one is a cover.
  6. You give him props for his barbecue as he would have a beer with you: share a moment with a good beer that is not organic, or infused with lavender.Or light.Yes you have principles that your father a little tired.
  7. You give him a framed photo of you when he wants you to stop the T-shirt to the navel V: against a t-shirt just normal.It makes him always to see you bizzarre hair removal chest.
  8. You give him stuff stuck in the office, when he just wants you to stop him sing the praises of turntables: it’s good, he knows, he knows.
  9. You offer perfume, just as he would like you to submit your girlfriend or boyfriend, or anyone: or whatever.
  10. You give him a tie, then he wants you taste even a drop of his scotch without stifling: it does not even speak of a cigar.
  11. You give him a pack of Belgian beer, then he wants you to be able to just be able to do a sport, any one: unless you represent any danger to people around you or yourself.
  12. You offer pajamas, when he wants to see you shake his hand like a normal man: not as a member of a group of hip-hop-gangsta-yo-quiet-or-what.It bothers him a bit.
  13. You offer a soap, razor, shaving cream, when they want you to know something really fix: with real tools.Fathers have simple dreams.

  14. You offer a toolbox, just as he would like you to put into practice a lesson that you learned: be convinced that history is a good dad.

And you think he wants what, in truth, your father?


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