How to Forgive Anyone

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Everyone goes through ups and downs, and sometimes those downs can be caused by the actions of other people. If you hold onto feelings of anger, it will only continue to bring you down, so you need to learn how to forgive anyone for anything, not for them, but for yourself.

Some may find religion helpful in finding the good will inside to forgive, but the problem with most religions is that they include the notion of free will. Science in fact tells us that the opposite is true.

The scientific way of looking at the decisions that people make is that they are a direct result of genetics and environment, a process of cause and effect, and not choice.

One might even say that a person was destined to lead their life exactly the way it turned out from long before they were even born.

While chaos theory does suggest that some things are completely unpredictable, such as the orbit of electrons around a nucleus, it could be that we do not yet have the technology to predict these seemingly random occurrences.

Even if a butterfly flapping it’s wings could cause a hurricane on the other side of the world, you still couldn’t blame it on the butterfly.

No matter how you look at it, scientifically there is no such thing as free will, only genetics and environment. Perhaps by changing the environment, you can change the future actions of some people, but you are not changing their destiny, as your actions too are the product of causes which were bound to lead to that outcome.

It makes as much sense to be angry at the weather as to be angry at people, but that does not mean there is no reason for punishment, retribution and revenge.

When a person does you wrong, it makes sense to punish them for their bad behavior so they learn not to do it again. This job is usually done by the police, or legal system.

If a person does not learn their lesson, and continues to cause pain and suffering, then it is a matter of opinion what should be done with them.

Personally, I favor the path of the greater good, the outcome that would cause the least suffering for the most amount of people, which means the death of truly evil people.

While I just spent this entire article telling you that people are not responsible for their actions, and that it is mostly about the way they grew up, that does not mean I don’t believe in evil.

For the sake of peace and happiness, war is definitely necessary at times, although the motive should not be to cause pain to bad people, but to end pain for all people.


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