Lowering High Blood Pressure

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 A Simpler lifestyle can prevent hypertensie.

High blood pressure isn’t an illness but it can however be dangerous, leading to heart attacks and strokes.Most people don’t even notice that they have high blood pressure.

Quite often it is discovered during a routine examinator by the family doctor.

It is not exclusively for stressed out managers and overweight people Younger people are just as likely to suffer from it.

What the exact reasons can be for high blood pressure are not known but it is agreeed that family history (herditary factors) and lifestyle play an important role.

There are many factors that can have a negative influence on your blood pressure level.Apart from hereditary factors your environment also has a role in influencing your blood pressure.

Generally speaking our salt intake is way to high. On average about 10-12 grams a day mostly taken in with processed foods. The best would be to reduce this by half.

Apart from salt we also take in too much sugar. We find these in fruit juices, candies and sweets.

Over eating which leads to being overweight is another leading factor as is stress.

Sometimes these two factors are linked. Many people eat excessively as a way to find comfort and as a way of reacting to stressfull situations.

Your blood pressure varies during the day. Therefore you should measure your pressure daily

and over a longer period of time.

Often we tend to place much too high a value on medicines and underestimate the value of simple lifestyle changes.

An effective way to lower your blood pressure is to eat lots of vegetables, fruit, whole grain products, and low-fat dairy products.

Get enough exercise.

Stop or cut down on smoking and reduce alcohol consumption.

In addition it is considered a good idea to measure your blood pressure at home. There are lots of good meters on the market and even apps for smartphones that can measure it.

A good rule of thumb is to measure your pressure in periods of three weeks long twice a daily.

Take a reading directly upon waking up and do this twice shortly after each other.

Take another reading just before bed. Once again, do this two time shortly after each other.

Keep a record of the readings.

As a general guideline – blood pressure is considered too high when the upper pressure is higher than 140 and the lower pressure is higher than 90.

In addition regular visits to your family health practitioner is also reccommended for further advice, counseling and information.


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