Multiple Health Benefits of Bananas And Raisins

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Among the dangerous health conditions, the deadliest is the hypertension. A significant proportion of the world population is affected by this condition. In the US alone around 74 million people are affected by hypertension. The term hypertension refers to the presence of the blood flowing at increased pressure. It is dangerous because it is asymptomatic. The presence of hypertension has serious health implications. One of the complications is the occurrence of stroke which can lead to paralysis. Hypertension can also produce heart problems and metabolic syndrome. Kidney failure is another possible outcome of increased blood pressure.

There are several natural ways of reducing the blood pressure. Meditation has been proposed as one of the methods. This basically consists of calming the mind and has been shown to produce wonderful results in controlling hypertension. Another method is the regular consumption of foods rich in potassium. Both potassium and sodium are naturally present in body fluids and bear a reciprocal relationship. Hypertension is associated with high sodium levels. Thus when potassium levels are low, sodium levels would be high resulting in hypertension. On the other hand, if the potassium concentration in the body is high, the blood pressure would be reduced. Thus, consumption of potassium rich foods can prevent the onset of hypertension.

Since the potassium rich foods also contain other components present, these antihypertensive foods can offer multiple benefits. The classical example is that of banana. This humble fruit is relatively cheap and has a high concentration of potassium helping to lower the blood pressure. Bananas are also rich in fiber. The fiber has the ability to keep the cholesterol levels under check. Fiber also prevents constipation, piles and colon cancer. Banana is the favorite food of athletes as it is loaded with energy. Three natural sugars sucrose, glucose and fructose are the sources of this energy. Bananas can prevent morning sickness and can also control ulcers.

Raisins are colorful and may be golden, green or, black. These delicacies are loved by everyone. They are also rich in potassium helping to lower the blood pressure. They are also having a high concentration of iron and thus, can prevent the occurrence of anemia. Raisins are also able to prevent constipation as they possess laxative properties. Raisins also act as powerful sexual stimulants. Raisins are also good at controlling acidity. Thus, it is clear that natural antihypertensive foods can offer multiple health benefits.


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