Selena Gomez Pregnant?

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Selena Gomez is rumored to be pregnant, but who is the lucky dad? It is none other than Justin Beiber himself. Yes. Some of you might be happy, angry, pissed off, or sad. But can you imagine a little Justin Beiber running around on the playground with your children or little friends? However, whatever your opinions are about this news, it is just a rumor. Pregnancies in Hollywood happen all the time, but Selena Gomez being pregnant is definitely just a rumor. But who knows, maybe she is pregnant. The reasons how this rumor got started is when Gomez complained about a headache and nausea at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week. Her “peeps” or “companions” decided that her sickness was so bad, that she was rushed to the hospital to see a doctor. Meanwhile, Justin Beiber was doing his charity show at Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California. When he heard that his girlfriend was at the hospital, he tweeted her well wishes and love in her direction. Awwww. How sweet?!?!? Meanwhile, people were intrigued about her nausea business, and soon after rumors started flying everywhere that Selena Gomez was pregnant with Justin Beiber. Yes. People make too quick assumptions in society today. But in fact, it sort of does make sense considering they are dating as boyfriend and girlfriend. They also have been showing smoochy affection these past couple of weeks, especially in Hawaii. There were pictures of them kissing at a Hawaii Beach while Beiber was carrying Gomez. It seems like they are kissing all the time non-stop whenever they are with each other. Selena was treated at the hospital, and then released after her illness disappeared. But a week later, she had to go back to the hospital on Saturday because the same illness appeared again. The news are reporting different stories of why she ot sick. Some say that she got food poisoning or she finally got ill from listening to her boyfriend’s songs for the first time. Whatever the reason, you can make your own assumption, but these rumors that Gomez is pregnant might be true. What do you think? 


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