Blogs So Important ? And How Do They Make Money?

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Blogs are so important to my everyday working online, i could not be without my blog.
So you think blogs are not a massive part of marketing but your wrong, they are such a key to anyone starting online because they can form the way in which you learn and progress as a successful marketer.
When i first started working online just over 3 years ago i started learning about blogs and paid a far amount of money to learn the best possible ways to make money blogging, but the problem was everyone told me to use free blogs (this is how they made money, selling me something i could make money with for free)
i recommend you do not use free blogs if you want to learn how to maintain a blog and create one, but also it looks so much better if you have your own domain name and its easy to remember for others searching your blog.
you can still make money using such blog sites as and but if you can spare the little bit of money it costs for a domain name and hosting account, this is the path you should take, it would also sit your blog higher in the search engines if yo buy the domain name for longer than 1 year, to google and the other search engines it looks like you are serious about your site because you have purchased the domain for many years than just 1, and next year your thinking you will not have the domain,, that’s why it looks better for the engines.

Blogs make up a huge part of the Internet and search engines love them, make sure you blog about something you love and be sure to give as much value as you can, starting blogging early as they can take some time before you see any results for your work and don’t expect to get any traffic without any effort on your part, you will still need to use social networking sites,articles,backlinks,forum posting and so much more to get your site ranked in google,, its not an easy path to take and will see you spending plenty of time posting and working hard on backlinks.
Be sure to get your backlinks with high pageranked sites as they will give your blog higher rating and push you up the rankings faster.

So how would your blog make money?  Their are an almost endless way to make money with your blog, but i guess the most popular one has to be google adwords, they only problem with google is they do not care about you and your blog and sure don’t need you, so their rules are very strict and one foot out of place and they will shut you down on the spot and any money your blog has made up to that point will never get to your bank account so be very careful what you do with adwords and never ever click an ad on your blog not even once!!!!! TRUST ME ON THIS ONE….

One of the ways i like to make money with my blog is to talk about new programmes i join, for example the new 4days old bizopps that works on a point system and has 9 ways to earn, i talk about this on my blog and my readers sign up under me, i then train them up and we all make money, but it started from writing about it on my blog!!

This is just 2 ways to make money blogging but like i said before their are 100’s of ways and you will find what works best for you!
Why Are Blogs So Important? because for me they make money and get people to join what i do and i love them,they look great give huge amazing info And How Do They Make Money? well in so many ways google adwords just being one and promotion of your businesses being one other.


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