The After War 2011

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I was watching the game on TV like everyone else, I didn’t realize what was going on till the next day.

The war like pictures that were shown on TV the next day was beyond words.  I felt and still do, ashamed.  How could normal evey day people do that?  Was it the booze, the heat and the loss of the game?  I believe people just let go of their feelings and just went on impulse alone.  Don’t get me wrong these people need to be punish to the letter of the law.

There are real wars going on and the world is seeing riots in countries and yet, the pictures in the papers of the Vancouver’s riots and the war riots are the same.  What does that say about my city?

Some of the public are blaming the mayor for letting such a huge public group get together in the downtown core.  The city put up a few huge screens outside in different downtown locations.  The streets were packed and the police tried to shut down the liquor stores early on that day.  I don’t blame the mayor for what happened, he tried to treat us like grown ups, not like little kids.  The major said that there were a core group that did the damage. It was not a huge stampede of wild people.  I saw the clips also, some of it looked like a wild crowd.

We ruined a great moment in history, a time to share and have fun together, Americans and Canadians.  It should have been a great time for all ages.  It could have been a good part of hockey history.

Us Canadians are being called sore losers, I agree.  The country is now on the news for the incident and it is painful to watch.  Some of the people shown on TV, bought themselves into police on their own. 

The day after, the police got over 1300 tips, people did take pictures of people doing crimes.  The day after, the public took to the downtown streets to help clean up the mess.

Maybe one day the feeling of being ashamed will go away, it will take a long time.


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