Solitude For Effective Stress Management

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Now in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight, Jesus went out and departed to a solitary place and there He prayed. (Mark 1: 35)

When you are dealing with a stressful situation, you need to regularly retreat to a solitary place where you can pray. Schedule a time and designate a place where you can go to be by yourself with God as this is a very effective Christian stress management technique.

It can be just 10 min a day to begin with, but it is a sacred appointment that you must honour just as you would any other important meeting. It can be at any hour of the day but it must be at a time when you can be alone without any interruptions. The beginning of the day would be the ideal time because you have not yet been encumbered by the stresses of the day.

Your solitary place should preferably be a private refuge where you can go and leave your stressors behind. It can be your bedroom, your office, a church or even a park that you pass by everyday.

Once you are in your solitary space, write down all the things that are stressing you from the most distressing to the least distressing before you can begin praying for them. Writing down your problems will enable you to express your feelings and say in written words exactly what is on your mind and in your heart without hurting anyone. Keep writing until you have nothing more to get off your chest and you feel relived as this release will leave you less emotional and more objective about your stressful situation as you begin to pray for it.

If you are not able to incorporate this Christian stress management technique into your life and physically escape from your stressful situation by going to a solitary place, then you can escape to your solitary space. 

You can create this space by mentally withdrawing from your surrounding stressful situation. It may be during the time that the actual stressful event is taking place when you can begin praying in silence, or it can be during your walk to the bus stop every morning or in the bus on the way to work when you can tune out the world and tune into God as you pray for His guidance for your stressful situation.

For more information, read Managing Stress with the Word of God by Dr Miriam Kinai


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