Time Management – The Seven Steps

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The Seven Steps to Time Management

Time management is a vital part of any effort to be effective and efficient in the achievement of any endeavour, but it need not be complex. All too many time management systems are overly complex and fail to keep the entire process simple and effective. I have known systems that require you to log every activity for weeks on end to find out where your time is going and to then evaluate the entire way in which you use your time. Most busy executives simply don’t have that much time to waste.

This seven step time management system has be carefully developed and honed over many years to become not just highly effective, but also simple – time management really needs to be simple to be the most effective.

The Seven Steps to Time Management

1. The six most important things – cut your to-do list down to only the six most important things to do right now, and then focus only on those six things.
2. Decide at the beginning of the day exactly how much time you will spend on each of the six most important things.
3. Precisely schedule when in the day you will start and stop each of the 6 most important things to do.
4. Eat the frog first – start with your least favourite thing first, always work towards the things you want to do the most.
5. Touch it once – whenever you pick up something always act on it, do not pick up anything that you do not have time to act on. An action could be as simple as scheduling when you will take action, but make sure you take some form of action now.
6. Dump it – make much better use of your waste paper basket, both the one under your desk and the one on your computer – get rid of all the unnecessary information you would otherwise store and de-clutter your environment.
7. Organise it – create well organised, structured systems and strategies for storing and retrieving information and also policies, plans and procedures for achieving everything you can in your life – let these system run your life and your business, then you just have to run the systems.

If you implement these seven steps to time management in your life and business, you will see your productivity jump massively and rapidly.


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