Drugstore Teeth Whiteners

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Bright and shinny like a porcelain vase that is the dream of most young adult when they refer to their teeth. Unfortunately, for most of us it is not that easy to get them right away in a TV commercial style. The blink-blinks are sometimes expensive and take a lot of time. Now, the best way to whiten your teeth would be to go to your dentist and tell him your greatest issue. Don’t get scared, because for sure he will also show you the negative aspects of bleaching. Try to listen to him carefully and then decide if you want to do it.

Of course, not all of us are that disciplined to visit the doctor every time a health problem occurs. The same is the case of teeth whitening. Why bother, when you can find the solution at the drugstore around the corner? The temptation is to go and buy the most expensive teeth whitener that we can find on the self and then go home satisfied with our new toys. After the excitement of taking things in our own hands has passed, we start wondering if the magical gel can help us in any way.

From the experience of many individuals, including myself, I must admit that the teeth whiteners do not do their job as it is shown on TV. They are really uncomfortable to use and the gel inside felt like burning my gums.I thought that this was the normal reaction but in a couple of days I started realising that there was no actual effect. After a month or so, it seemed like my teeth were a little whiter. I could not figure it out if it was for the teeth whitener, or the fact that I brushed my teeth more often. The essence is the in a month’s time, my teeth were back to their natural color. Pretty failure, if you ask me.

On the other hand, I met people who went on the doctor’s hand and ended up with so white teeth (well maybe too white, if you asked me). The ones that want to try the drugstore teeth whiteners are free to do it. Maybe you will be luckier and in your case it will work. However, be aware of the doctor’s advice and do not repeat the treatment only after an year. Meanwhile, keep on smiling, because this is the essence of it all!


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