Planning a Wedding: Finding a Makeup Artist

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Decisions can make any bride-to-be panic or give her the headache she doesn’t want to deal with just before saying “I do”. After going through all the steps for planning a wedding and making sure everything is perfect-the dress, the flowers, the shoes, the groom-one more decision awaits, one that is all about you. How will your face look for the big day? Will you attempt to do your makeup yourself or hire a professional makeup artist?

As you are going to be the main attraction, be aware that the eyes of the entire flock of guests will be there to admire your dress and hair, but the main target will certainly be your facial makeup. You can try doing it yourself, but do not be surprised when you realize you look more like a clown than a bride. Remember that the makeup has to stay fresh until late at night, but also has to be perfect for the wedding photography shooting session. You would like your photos to look perfect. That is why you should forget about the chore of doing it yourself and get a specialist to do it.

Remember: a specialist is your best bet for perfect makeup. Not your sister, not a friend, but someone who makes a living with makeup. If you do not have a personal makeup artist, then you should find one. Ask your friends, relatives, enemies, everyone. For sure, someone knows a professional in your area. If you have no luck, then search different beauty centers in your area.

Two months before the wedding, visit your artist weekly for beautification sessions in which your skin is prepared for the big day. Meanwhile, you can share your ideas about the colors you prefer, the theme of the wedding, your dress, the hairstyle, the bridal bouquet and so on. Try to make yourself clear about what you want and do not want on your face. At the same time, keep your mind open. Professionals can see better what is good for you or not.

Finally, in the last two weeks visit your makeup specialist as often as required and suggest him to try some ideas to see which one you prefer. It is going to be a lot of fun. Try a natural look that cannot wear out too much during the wedding day. Also after you decide upon the lipstick shade, ask your makeup artist to get you one for the wedding day. After all the kissing, you would certainly like to refresh your lips.

No matter what you choose to do, do not forget to have all the fun in the world. It is, after all, your day.


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