Delicious Restaurants in Gabrovo

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Beautiful yet mystical, Bulgaria offers us a treat of great sight and culinary venues. Such venues can be found in the city of Gabrovo, a typical Bulgarian kind of city. Gabrovo started as an industrial city specialized in the production of textiles, carpets or clothing. All Bulgaria loved the Gabrovo merchandise and with the fall of communism regime, the city had to reinvent itself in order to survive. It has become a very popular tourist destination. It harbors two museums and a vast number or monuments and churches for the culture lovers. It has received the title of the best living town and is known to be a city that puts a great emphasis on ecology.

Gabrovo is a place where you can spend a comfortable holiday, shop till you drop and dine in the finest restaurants from Gabrovo.  If you are looking for a snack or something sweet, you have to try Glineni Garneta. Here you can find the best cakes, pies and fruit cocktails. Also you can have your coffee in a warm and wonderful surrounding accompanied by delicious desserts. For a lunch or dinner experience that you will not forget soon, Tempo makes the time spent there worth its price. This restaurant serves both Italian and Bulgarian traditional food. So you can either go for the known dishes such as pizza or lasagna or try something that will sure let you know that you have stepped in the wonderful Bulgaria. Another Italian and pizza parlor is the La Skala. It has a grand name and wonderful pizza, probably the best pizza from the entire Bulgaria. If you are looking for a slow cooked meal that will ease your taste, you should go for Pri Lovetsa. Here Bulgarian and international cuisine blend in to get the best out of each. This is an experience you will never forget.   

For most of us Gabrovo is the cuisine dream that comes true. I really appreciate the smell, the setting the atmosphere and the beauty of such establishments. Visiting the restaurants of Gabrovo is not simply a way to satisfy your hunger, but a way to get deeper in a vast cultural setting.


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