Galil Red Dot Gameplay &tips; On Havana Call of Duty Black Ops 27-1

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In this call of duty, black ops game, I used the galil with a red dot. I used sleight of hand pro, hardline, and hacker. I wend 27-1, which is not that bad. I also used the FAL for half of the game because the galil just didn’t have the juice this time.

Like any other map on black ops, Havana is important for you to choose the right weapon to do the job. In most of the call of duties, assault rifles have sufficed for an all purpose weapon and serve most people well, but there is still a trick to picking the perfect weapon.

The Galil with a red dot is a good weapon ( and I have been using it a lot to rank up to the g11 ), Havana tends to play very good with an assault rifle because of the medium ranged encounters across the road and at dom point A. You have to choice the points you patrol when you have an assault rifle, and know the map you are playing. Almost every call of duty map made (not only black ops but all of them) have sections of the map that favor close range smg and shotguns, and if you are playing with an AR you should avoid these death traps.

You gun choice on Havana could also be a close range weapon such as a MP5k with steady aim, or a shot gun. If you have one of these, I would recommend that you patrol the areas behind dom point A and the area between point A and C to the left of the map. Staying in buildings will be the key to surviving and occasionally poping out for some close-medium shots. The right side of the map highly favors assault rifles with the long hall ways and the more open buildings. Not to mention it is more attractive to travel because it have arguably the best room in the game to camp in and the quickest route through the map.

So next time you are at the menu and the game has just begun, pick a gun that is going to best do the job, and consider the area you will be in, then pick your gun to fit. If you want to watch the whole commentated video it is:  and you can find all of the videos and a lot more at .


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