Purpose of The Ncaa Clearinghouse And Who Needs it

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All those years of games and practice are coming to a conclusion. You can’t wait to play sports at the college level. But, like all things, you can’t just show up. You need to complete all the forms and dot all the i’s. For college athletics, the NCAA Clearinghouse is the go-to place.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) sets the standards for its member schools. If you want to play at a Division I or II level school, you must sign up with the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse determines whether or not a student meets the basic eligibility to play a sport. Being approved by the Clearinghouse is not the only condition a student athlete must meet. But, any student who wants to participate must be approved by the Clearinghouse.  This applies to both men and women athletes.

When an athlete enters his or her junior year in high school, the student should sign up with the Clearinghouse. While a student can sign up later, signing up as a junior allows the student time to rectify any problems with the NCAA basic eligibility. There is a fee for signing up, but this can be waived in certain circumstances.

To meet basic requirements, students must take and complete a core list of classes. The student must pass these classes with a “C” level grade. College entrance exams, either the ACT or SAT, must be completed at a required level based upon the student’s grade point average. The student also must meet the requirements for amateur status as decided by the NCAA.

Each high school generally has a list of accepted core classes on file with the NCAA. Student athletes must make sure to complete these requirements. Fortunately, this classes usually are the same ones needed to attend college, so most college prep athletes will complete these requirements. However, if a discrepancy appears, signing up as a junior allows time to add another class or repeat one if needed.

The Clearinghouse also allows students to retake both the ACT or SAT to bring their scores in line with requirements.

Class grades must be sent to the Clearinghouse directly from your school. The same is true with testing; the ACT and SAT have codes you can use to send results directly to the Clearinghouse. Until Clearinghouse eligibility is approved, student athletes are not able to participate in sports or be awarded any scholarships at an NCAA school. By not registering, students can lose their desired spot to another student who has everything completed.

If you are going to play at the Division III level, you do not need to register at the Clearinghouse. It is still a good idea to register, however, in case you do transfer to a Division II or I school. You can find out more by going to the Clearinghouse website. You can also purchase publications at the web site with the requirements in depth for your review.


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