Hot Tip: Dressing For Men & Care of Bridal Outfit

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1. Make sure your clothes fit you well:

Clothes should fit perfectly. Garments should skim over your body and smooth out its surface. Stay away from too tight clothes as they will reveal all the lumps and bumps you’d rather hide from other people’s eyes. And  too loose clothes are not for you either, since they will make you look larger than you actually are.

2. Wear V-neck shirts:

V-necks are perfect about creating the illusion of a slimmer neckline, especially if you have a double chin, since emphasis is made on your chest area instead of on your neck.

3. Steer clear of bold patterns:

No loud or bold patterns can be worn if you want to avoid attracting attention to hte upper half of your body. The only pattern possible is vertical lines for they create optical continuity and help elongate the look of your body. Opt for dark, solid colours as they create a slimmer silhouette and make you seem thinner.

4. Stand up straight:

This is very easy and doesn’t cost you anything. Work on your posture. When you stand up straight you look like you have just dropped 10 to 15 pounds. Besides, this makes people look and think more confident.

5. Wear pants with a longer hem:

Wear your pants long to look taller and thinner. They should hit almost at the ground to really lengthen your body. This will elongate your body, giving you a more flaterring look.

Take care of your Bridal outfit

1. Dry clean:

Dry cleaning works best for the bridal sarees and lehengas because it increases their durability. Washing makes the silk fabrics lose some of their stiffness, and the colours soften as the excess dye is washed away.

2. Iron safetly:

While ironing silk garments, keep in mind to place a piece of light fabrics on the ironing surface so that it absorbs excess heat from the iron. It ensures that there is no more than negligible harm to the garment.

3. Wrap well:

Wrap the bridal outfit in an acid-free tissue paper while storing to ensure that the zari embroidery remains as it is and not get darken over time.


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