Automation in Today's Global Economy

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    Automation is a rapidly developing aspect in the business world today. From a managerial standpoint it makes all the sense in the world to automate whatever you can to increase the overall production of your company’s service. The main issue is executing the switch in a proper manner. I think that there’s no stopping the opportunity to automate aspects of production especially with the way technology is advancing today. If executed properly, there should be no reason to have to lay off a large percentage of employees working in an “obsolete”position. I think that measures can be taken to protect a worker’s position when automating said position. If automation of a certain department is done gradually then the worker could be trained to help manage the new process. There’s no doubt however that automation will cause some people to lose their jobs. It isn’t always to a company’s benefit to lay off employees either though, what with severence packages and other systems to help a displaced worker. I think that initially automation may cause some hardship but it also opens jobs in other places and helps the business to grow. Automation offers the opportunity to create new companies providing new services and therefore creating more jobs. It’s a change in the way we do things and it’s happening fast but if handled properly there should be no reason that the automation of a certain position should upset the entire workforce. Some people will no doubt lose their jobs but with the doors this trend is opening, I think it will create more jobs in the long run.
 Computer Integrated Manufacturing has and will definately change the style of the clothing, shoe and fasion industries. Since it cuts as much as 80% of the time needed to program machines to make parts it seems that it increases production to a very large degree. It also reduces the number of employees needed to manufacture these products with a smaller error margin so that the product can be gauranteed quality at lower cost. (As mentioned in question 1, automation will no doubt cause lost jobs but other avenues will open up). As the chapter said it is expensive to get this software in place but the overall output is beneficial to the company financially in the long run. As a consumer this is very good news. This means that products available to me such as clothing and shoes will have more quality at a better price. This also gives these industries more time to develop new products rather than working on producing ideas already established. With that said it will give the consumer a bigger variety of products to choose from. With the development of this technology other consumer and industrial goods industries will also grow because of the products they produce; I.E. the industrial goods industry will have the opportunity to produce more product for the clothing industry that is developing their product. With one industry being streamlined it can boost the economic growth of the companies supplying it.
 I think the United States has a great many ways to influence the new generations in today’s economy to pursue engineering and science efforts. It is important that the U.S. promotes awareness amongst younger generations, making it clear that the way we do business is changing. With automation becoming more prevalent it should be encouraged to educate the youth to think outside of the box. I think that emphasis should be put on the creativity aspect of Engineering and the Sciences. Showing how these fields are utilized and the many different ways they can be applied is important to teach. These seem to be the new pioneering fields in business today because they can accelerate production and create new ways to simplify the way we do things. Workers in these fields will be in more demand and it should be made known that this is an important aspect of education. I think that education programs should be put in place in both high schools and community colleges to help draw younger generations to this field. Showing the excitement and potential these fields have will no doubt bring younger innovators to the table.


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