I'm Afraid to State My Opinion And Here's Why

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Before I can even type the words “Patriot Act” or “Homeland Security” I feel a shiver go down my spine. Why do I need to be afraid of my own government? there’s no reason I should be, right? Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy to be an American citizen. I am happy to know that my country is keeping me safe in my home and keeping the threat of terror away from my door. After all, terror can strike anywhere, it can be foreign, domestic, or even alien. It’s why our country has a “star wars” programin effect right?

Before I get too deep I want to make it clear that I am not a conspiracy theorist. No, conspiracy theorists believe in things like globalist agenda and the threat of a one world government. that’s too radical for my cup of tea. I do however think that our country is succeptable to nefarious influence and can be altered if the wrong person gets into power. Let’s look at the patriot act for example. I’m sure I’ve set off a few figurative (or maybe literal) alarms by writing this article. I’ve used keywords much like that of google adsense itself. Words like “bomb”, “Terrorism”, “Conspiracy”, heck, even the very word “Patriot Act” are all key words that trigger a system to focus on this information.

This is not paranoia, this is truth. Every conversation that we have on our cell phones and home phones is recorded by the NSA (National Security Agency) on computers that process pikabites of information at a time. There may not be enough humans to monitor all of this but it is still stored on a harddrive somewhere. This is also a fact and not just paranoia.

If you’re a law obiding citizen then there is nothing you have to worry about these invasive measures taken by our government to protect us. We shouldn’t have to worry even though we can be detained, denied the access to a lawyer, and legally tortured by our govenrmnet. This is true and can be carried out under suspicion of terrorist activity.

I want to make it clear that I don’t necessarily appose these measures taken by our government but what bothers me is the fear it has instilled in me. Reading the news is one thing that puts me on edge. Hearing about guantanamo bay and how people were far more than just “waterboarded”. I want to have an opinion on these matters without the fear of big brother. After all we have signed big brother into power and we’re allowing him to watch us.

Right now there are CCTV cameras in the United Kingdom that cover nearly every square foot of the streets therein. There are controversial money making ideas that involve paying people to spot crimes by watching CCTV cameras in their own homes. Is this extreme? Am I overlooking the simplicity of the idea or am I overlooking the pervasive and unsettling reality of encouraging citizents to look for crime?

I want to close this by saying I am a patriotic person who is a proud American citizen. I am happy to express my freedom of speech even if it scares me. That is the beauty of being alive in a free country. With an opinion this has been theidealshopper


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